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30 Caliber Antennas
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7.62 Caliber Antennas
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Realtree Xtra Design – .50 Caliber Replica Antenna

  • 5.5in Billet Aluminum .50 Cal Replica Antenna Mast
  • Realtree Xtra Hydro Dip design


  • Designed for AM/FM radio bands
  • Easy Installation
  • Fits most factory antenna bases
  • Multiple adapters included to fit different makes and models
  • Designed for vehicles with removable masts
  • Replacement antenna
  • Made with Billet Aluminum
  • Threaded mounting
  • Non Lethal Replica
AmmoTenna Retail Package features:
  • Eye catching packaging shaped like a bullet
  • Consistent sizes for easy planogram
  • Theft-resistant thermoform clamshell
  • Centered product for balance while hanging
  • Easy-to-read bold identifiers
  • Includes all adapters

All kits include adapters for roof or fender mounting.

Kits include:
  • M6-1.0 TO 5/16th
  • M6-1.0 TO M7-1.0
  • M6-1.0 TO M5-0.8
  • M6-1.0 TO M4-0
  • M6-1.0 TO #10-24
  • M6-1.0 TO 1/4-20
  • M6-1.0 TO M6-1.0
  • M6-1.0 TO 1/4-20 FEMALE ADAPTER
  • M6-1.0 TO M5-0.8 FEMALE ADAPTER
  • M6-1.0 TO M7-1.0 FEMALE ADAPTER
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