New line of AmmoTenna! 5 sizes: .50cal, .30cal, 7.62mm, Short Arrow and Long Arrow.

Multiple addapters included to fit most applications including the new Jeep 5/16th thread.

Made from 6061 billet aluminum.

Included in the package is a rubber grommet that will help keep moisture out.

Comes in a wide range of finshes: brass, billet, carbon fiber, gun metal, and anodized black. We also have hydro dipped finishes in some popular designs, muddy girls, wildfire, kryptek, digital camo, the US flag and more.

You can mount this antenna on fender applications and roof mount applications

Most installations do not require any tools, on some a adjustable wrench is all that is needed.

This antenna is designed for FM band.

With our short antenna no more worrying about hitting low hanging brush or your garage door.

Replace you rusted weathered, or broken antenna with one of our antennas and add style to your ride.

AmmoTenna is awesome because:

  • Eye catching packaging shaped like a bullet
  • Consistent sizes for easy planogram
  • Theft-resistant thermoform clamshell
  • Centered product for balance while hanging
  • Easy-to-read bold identifiers
  • Includes all adapters

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